According to Utah guardianship laws, when you file for guardianship over a person, you are creating a legal relationship between you and that person so that you can make legal and medical decisions on their behalf.

You can file for guardianship over a child who is not your biological child but needs a guardian or you can petition to be a guardian over an adult who is not capable of making their own decisions. There are many reasons guardianship may be an important option for somebody you care about, so speak with a lawyer today to learn more.

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Our Salt Lake City guardianship lawyers are able to help you determine if you qualify for guardianship. These include cases of:

  • Children with incapacitated parents: Sometimes, parents are unable to make decisions for their children due to incarceration, drugs, legal rulings, or medical reasons. Filing for guardianship in a situation like this may prevent them from going into the foster care system.
  • Temporary need for guardianship: Sometimes, especially in the case of people with psychological disorders, people need guardians for a short period of time while they attend a mental rehabilitation program. Guardianship will allow you to care for their finances and make healthcare decisions while they get better, and the guardianship will expire once they are deemed able to care for themselves.

Difference Between Guardianship In Juvenile Courts And Guardianship In District Courts

Navigating the differences between guardianship in Juvenile Courts and guardianship in District Courts can be complex. At LJ Law, we are here to help you understand these distinctions and guide you through the process with confidence and clarity.

In Juvenile Courts, guardianship typically arises when a child is in need of care due to issues such as parental neglect, abuse, or abandonment. The focus in these cases is on the child’s immediate safety and well-being. Juvenile Courts can appoint a guardian to take over the responsibility for the child’s care and decision-making, ensuring that the child’s needs are met in a stable and secure environment. The court closely monitors these cases to protect the child’s best interests.

In District Courts, guardianship can encompass a broader range of situations beyond just the welfare of minors. The process involves a thorough assessment of the individual’s needs and the suitability of the proposed guardian. District Courts aim to preserve the rights and dignity of the person under guardianship while providing the necessary support and protection.

Understanding the specific requirements and procedures of each court system is crucial for achieving a favorable outcome. Our experienced attorneys at LJ Law are well-versed in both Juvenile and District Court guardianship matters. We provide personalized, compassionate service to ensure that your case is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, whether it involves a minor or an incapacitated adult.

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Difference Between Guardianship And Custody

While there are several differences between guardianship and custody, the main difference is that guardianship can be granted to anyone, while custody is usually only granted to parents or a relative. Guardianship refers to anyone who assumes the legal responsibilities of a minor or an incapacitated adult. Child custody refers to a parent or relative who assumes legal and/or physical custody of a child.

Legal Representation For Your Guardianship Case

Guardianship law is complex and often involves a judge’s ruling to become official. It is important to hire a lawyer that focuses on family law to represent you and make sure that you are deemed a good candidate to become a guardian over your loved one. These decisions are vital, and having a Salt Lake City guardianship lawyer that represents your best interests will ensure that the right decisions are made.

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Our experienced legal team has invaluable insight and undeniable skill to back their family legal abilities.


Our experienced legal team has invaluable insight and undeniable skill to back their family legal abilities.